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Connoisseurs Program

Among the new experiences offered by Casas del XVI is the Connoisseurs Program.
From a tour through museums of the Colonial City including Alcázar de Colón by the hand of one of its curators, dinner with experts in classical music of the Fundación Sinfonía, or a private polo match,
the Connoisseurs Program is designed to make the wishes of our guests come true.

Exceptional Experiences

For more information on these or other Connoisseur experiences, as well as pricing and reservations, please contact our Concierge at concierge@casasdelxiv.com

Fitness Among History

Fitness Among

For guests who are more inclined towards fitness, Casas del XVI offers its own Wellness Coach.

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The trainer will devise a program tailored to the guest, advising them on nutrition and physical training to achieve the desired results. The experience of doing toning and/or cardio routines around the monuments of the Colonial City or in the privacy of the house is the perfect mix to explore the magical surroundings of Casas del XVI while staying in shape.

Art Tour

Art Gallery

The Dominican Republic is known for its unique art and Santo Domingo is at the center of it. Many contemporary artists

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live and work in the Colonial City, some with their own art galleries .Miyar.Art aficionados will rejoice in taking the curated guided tour that Casas del XVI has created with stops at the best galleries including Casa Alfarera, Galería Bolos, and Casa Quien.

Date with Classical Music

Date with
Classical Music

Enjoy an unforgettable concert by musicians of the National Symphony Orchestra playing just for you and your guests at the lovely Casa del Diseñador.

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After your private concert, enjoy a delicious dinner in company of our Classical Music Connoisseur from Fundación Sinfonía.
Fundación Sinfonía was founded in 1986 with the purpose of supporting the National Symphony Orchestra of the Dominican Republic and it continues its longstanding tradition of presenting high-level classical concerts with world-renowned soloists, conductors and artists, showcased alongside the most distinguished national classical artists and members of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional.

Lunch with our Interior Designer

Lunch with
our Interior Designer

The artist behind the interior design of Casas del XVI, Patricia Reid Baquero, joins you for lunch at Casa del Diseñador.

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She will share how she finds inspiration for each of the houses at the hotel and give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Then, for dessert the artist will take you for a tour around her own art studio!
Patricia Reid’s interior design firm has studios in Santo Domingo, Mexico and Spain and her diverse work catalog includes private city and beach residences, as well as hotels, restaurants, golf and beach clubs, airports and museums both nationally and internationally.

Chocolate, Clay & Sugar

The Pleasure
of a Cigar

Learn the ancestral cigar rolling technique brought from Cuba by the patriarch of the Arturo Fuente family, with an Arturo Fuente Connoisseur.

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In addition, enjoy a tour of the Arturo Fuente Chateau where their tobacco is grown, followed by a delicious dinner at Casa del Árbol.
Arturo Fuente cigars are among the best in the world. Each cigar represents over four generations dedicated to perfecting the art of fine cigars by the Fuente family, which started its tradition in Cuba in the 19th century.

Bird watching with David Rothenberg

Bird watching
in the Colonial City

Casas del XVI has created a unique bird watching experience while visiting monuments and historical ruins in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

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The tour will be followed by a delicious breakfast in the courtyard of Casa del Árbol where guests can continue enjoying the song of the birds that visit the beautiful mango tree.

The Dominican Republic has 32 species of endemic birds and ranks first in the Caribbean islands. According to Jerry Bauer, of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Service of the United States, in the Colonial City people can observe about 138 birds in the different green areas, which nest, feed, rest or are just passing through as they migrate from North America to the islands of the Caribbean and South America. The bird expert commented that around 55% of the birds that can be seen in the walled city are migratory and that 7% are endemic to the island.

Bird watching with David Rothenberg


A gastronomic experience like no other where you will learn from the hand of our Chef in an intimate cooking class in one of our colonial houses.

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Together you will prepare 5 specialties of Casas del XVI from beginning to end mixed with anecdotes and history about Dominican cuisine, its roots and influences. Afterwards, enjoy the delicious dishes for dinner along with wine pairing in a private area for you and your classmates. At the end of the evening, you will receive a recipe book of the dishes that you cooked so you can share your new talent when you return home.

The class can be individual or group, with a maximum capacity of 4 people, and must be coordinated with a minimum of 48 hours.

  • Casas del XVI
  • Casas del XVI
  • Casas del XVI

Museum Tour Experience

Enjoy a personalized and private museum tour alongside a curator, artist, historian or museum director.
Santo Domingo is home to different museums and many are recognized world wide for their history and art.
Casas del XVI can create a magical experience for those history, photography and art aficionados.

Our Museum & Fine Art Connoisseurs have exciting professional schedules, thus tours are subject to availability. We kindly ask that you book two or more weeks in advance.
*For more information including pricing and reservations, please contact our Concierge at concierge@casasdelxiv.com